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Iron Dominion Funeral Wreathes by YamiNetto Iron Dominion Funeral Wreathes by YamiNetto
Just a Archie Sonic and Katekyo Hitman Reborn crossover idea.

Turns out the Iron Queen, Regina Ferrum, had not only the four ninja clans under her non-existent belt (subsequently controlling Espio and Lightning Lynx, BAAAAAAAAAW), but had some top-secret operatives serving as her field agents watching the war with the Republic of Acorn and G.U.N. from the shadows and carefully seeing to it that all other forces were kept in check in the Iron Dominion's favor.

After acquiring NICOLE and changing her into Iron NICOLE, who was worthy of one of her most guarded secrets, it was time for her most trusted individuals, the Iron Dominion Funeral Wreathes, to finally assemble and snuff out threats like the Republic of Acorn Sonic the Hedgehog, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix - or what left of them -, Station G.U.N, and all other Freedom Fighter cells and groups along with all other involved individuals.

The Iron Queen had seven closely guarded objects, seven rings that emit a kind of will-powered flame from when Mobius was Earth, called the Dying Will Flames. Each of these ring flames where a different color of the rainbow.

She gave 6 of these flame rings - the rings of Storm (red), Sun (yellow), Lightning (green), Rain (blue), Mist (Indigo), and Cloud (Violet) - to each of these six individuals; two of which were Iron NICOLE, and the head of the Raiju clan, the Bride of the Conquering Storm.

The 7th ring - the all powerful flame ring representing orange - the Sky flame -, was by the Iron Queen.

The Iron Dominion Funeral Wreathes were in business.




Guardian: Bride of the Conquering Storm

Ring: Storm

Weapon of Choice: ???

Bio: As the only technically female, and technically only Mobian member of the Funeral Wreathes, upon proving that she was the strongest of the three living Ninja Clan Brides, as the Yagyu Clan's Bride of Rich Nights was killed, to show that she had faith in these clans, the Iron Queen bestowed the Ring of the Storm to Conquering Storm, as she was the most fitting for its flame factor - destruction. Thanks to the ring, her physical strength has greatly increased, but still pales in comparison to the Sun, Josef. She does not like it when the Rain Guardian, Suzaku, teases her.


Guardian: Josef (pronounced "HO-SEFF"; this guy was greatlyv inspired by Jose from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)

Ring: Sun

Weapon of Choice: Fists, magic

Bio: The physically strongest and oldest of the Guardians, his strength parallels that of Jun Kun, the Iron King. He is strong enough to lift masses up to two-story buildings up when at full strength. The Ring of the Sun's activation factor greatly adds to that strength. He is also familiar in some of the arcane arts, which poses a problem for the Neo Ancient Walkers, particularly Merlin Prower, Tails' blood uncle.

He holds the Iron King and Queen in high regard, and becomes absolutely furious when they are not properly addressed, be it friend or foe.


Guardian: Iron NICOLE

Ring: Lightning

Weapon of Choice: Nanites, Lightning

Bio: Being the only one among the Iron Dominion Funeral Wreathes, much less the Iron Dominion, who can master the Lightning Flame's solidification factor, Iron NICOLE, being freshly brainwashed and reprogrammed by the Iron Queen's technomagic, fit perfectly. Her control over her nanites slowly evolved to control of mechanical devices and even the sovereignty of electricity and lightning. In addition, as long as she wears the Ring of the Lightning, she is constantly hexed by the Iron Queen, and remains under the latter's control.


Guardian: Suzaku Aohasumaru AKA Suzaku the Blue Lotus

Ring: Rain

Bio: As the Rain Guardian, this jokester / expert swordsmen fills in the quota of the Rain Flame's tranquility factor; all of his movements are swift and graceful, like blooming flowers whose petal float in the wind. He eagerly seeks out worthy swordsmen to do battle with, like Armadeus Prower, Tails' father, and Antoine D'Coolette. His attacks are are water and flower-based, with powerful attacks named like "Forward Rain" and "Swaying Petals". His signature, and arguably most deadly / fatal move is "Thousand Lotus", a technique so famous it gave Suzaku his name as the Blue Lotus by the Mobius underworld and various swordsmen.

Suzaku likes to tease Conquering Storm because he thinks it makes her look cute when she retorts and fights back. He's also a picky eater and hates eating bitter foods and fish, much to the other Funeral Wreathes' dismay.


Guardian: Question

Ring: Mist

Weapon of Choice: Illusions, Spears

Bio: A mysterious man who is never seen without his garbs of a white veil covering his head secured by a neck cowl and long robe covered in question marks. His virtually calm and collected demeanor are merely a cloak against his terrifying powers over illusions. Illusions so through and complex that even machines and AI's have extreme difficulties against him. His signature is to say "Question", before asking a riddle dangerously relevant to his illusions. The only known weakness to his illusions is if someone with certain magical abilities are able to disrupt the flow of his illusionist magic, in which afterwards he is extremely vulnerable. He is also known to be skilled with spears, bo staffs and lances.


Guardian: Lacri "White Death" Mosa (His haircut is inspired by Robert Pearson from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)

Ring: Cloud

Weapon of Choice: Scythe

Bio: The leader of the 6 Funeral Wreathes, second only to the Iron Queen. He is a merciless killer, never giving his enemies a moment's reprieve. His physical strength shocks his opponents as he is able to swing an incredibly heavy scythe like it were a knife; anyone else who tries to swing it realizes that it is extremely heavy, and that even Josef can barely use it. Emotionless on the battlefield, he is immune to being psychological torture of any kind. And if you piss him off, you're dead.

He is also a very good cook, and cooks for the Iron Dominion often.
dragonheart07 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Most interesting profiles you did here for a fan story. ^^ :)
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